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I want my own Andy.

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A lot of people didn’t see this movie in theatres but it’s out on DVD and I really think everyone should watch it!!! I saw it during its theatrical run and I made my mom watch it tonight, she loved it. 
I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to promote stories about women, created by women! Stories about women with agency, who take control over their sexuality! Movies that allow women to be raunchy and fucking gross and hilarious and sexy and flawed and ask for what they want  without shame.
I’ve never seen a film that looks at a young girl’s sexuality with this much hilarity and respect. The director/writer Maggie Carey looks at the teenage girl experience without the strong male gaze we see in most “young woman comes into her sexuality” films. We’re allowed to see her protagonist as a headstrong, smart, INTERESTING young woman who can actually acknowledge herself as all of these things. And her growth as a character never diminishes these qualities. Do you know how rare that is?
Sex is FUN, sex is CRAZY, sex is FUNNY, sex is WEIRD. Sex is so many things, but we’re constantly subjected to films that say, “Sex can be funny and weird for guys, but it must always be serious for girls.” How often to we see films that look at female sexuality in such a non-critical, humorous, and dynamic light? As a girl, I’ve been taught my whole life that my sexuality is something heavy, like an anchor, that I will have to carry for the rest of my life. Not something light or funny, not something that I can fully enjoy, but a burden. But as I’ve developed, as I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with my sexual partners, I’ve realized how untrue it all is. How are girls going to realize that sex can be fun when all we see are women who have no sexual agency? We’re not teaching girls to see sex as a consensual act, we’re teaching them to see sex as a performance. This movie actually looks as sex as something a girl should seek enjoyment out of, not approval.
I love this film because for once I get to see myself on screen. I get to see a girl who wants what she wants and doesn’t apologize, who puts her friends first (but occasionally fucks up), who has great aspirations, who wants to experience a complete sexual spectrum, who wants to live her life and fuck the most attractive guy in the room and doesn’t feel bad about it.
Yeah, it’s just a fun little movie. But I really wish more people would give it a chance, and see what I see.

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